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Western Range Camps offers camps that are warm and inviting, but also rugged and durable. We want to get to know you and how you will use our camp and then customize it to fit your personal needs.

New Western Range Camps Models


When you're looking for something just a little different than the normal RV.

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  • Purchased a camp to use specifically for winter time camping. Very solid, well built camp. Has been used extensively in harsh weather, with temps as low as -20 degrees farenheit. Overall we've been impressed with it.
  • C Acres  Wyoming
    Our sheep camp is doing great.
    C Acres Wyoming
  • T Percheti  Nevada
    We are very happy with our camp!
    T Percheti Nevada
  • C Degrey  Utah
    They are well made and made to last. The employees are easy to work with and willing to meet your custom needs.
    C Degrey Utah
  • Pat and Ernie
    First, thanks for all of the help and patience in preparing to order our camp. You made sure that we really got what we wanted. From the time we picked up our camp we have really enjoyed it. It pulls great, and is easy to park and set up. This camp is so comfortable. Cooking and cleaning is easy, and everything is easy to get to. You can have people in and not feel crowded.
    Pat and Ernie
  • The Lockyer's    Utah
    I really liked the ordering process and the fact that we could come and check out the factory too. One on one personal ordering for me will win every time.
    The Lockyer's Utah
  • Kelley's  Nevada
    "I have been using the camp a lot, probably more than 50 nights since we got it. It’s been great, I think I like it more than my house. Based on this experience I can make the following observations: • It does really well off road. To get into our property where it currently is requires a mile of driving on 4 X 4 roads that are impassible in a normal car. These roads are severely eroded and there are some serious side hill sections. Although it can be a bit unnerving seeing the trailer leaning way over to one side I have been in and out about 4 times so far without any issues. The clearance, approach and departure angles are also excellent. • The inverter is working fine but it is overkill for us since we aren’t using any appliances. • The solar panels (we requested 450 watts of solar) are providing more than enough power for winter operations, even on cloudy days. I haven’t had to use the generator once since they came on line. The Morningstar charge controller is also excellent. It does a better job fully charging the batteries than the inverter when it is connected to the shore power. The 3 Battle Born 100 ah batteries are also working well although I think I may add another 200 ah to run the AC in the summer (we requested a 12 volt air conditioner). • There was a bit of a learning curve with the composting toilet but now that we have some experience with it I am very happy we made that choice. I wouldn’t be able to remain off grid for weeks like I have been without it. • We almost never use the furnace heating exclusively with the wood stove. Although the small stove provides plenty of heat the larger stove would be nice because it would accept larger pieces of wood. • My favorite feature that I haven’t seen in any other RV is the propane lantern.
    Kelley's Nevada
Western Range Camps is conveniently located in the center of Utah, on old Highway 89 in rural and beautiful Sanpete County.

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