How to Order a Western Range Camp

How to Order Western Range Camps. If you have additional questions, please let us know.

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Ordering Western Range Camp Information

Here's some information about the camp ordering and build process. If you have additional questions, please let us know.

Steps to Order Western Range Camp

1$1,000 Deposit to get on build schedule

This is non-refundable but goes towards the purchase of your camp. This can be paid anytime during the process, but you will not be placed on the build schedule until it is received. If we get to you on the build schedule and we do not have signed paperwork and finalized specs for your camp, it will be bumped down to next in line.

2Pick out a camp

(Estimates only, subject to change without notice)

View Camp Models

3Choose your options

Below is a list of possible options you may want to consider. None of these options are necessary but can be added to enhance your camp experience.

This list is NOT all inclusive. There could be other options you may want to add. We will consider anything you suggest and see how it will work in the camp. We will then let you know of any changes that would need to happen in the camp to implement that option.

Special order items will be researched and priced out accordingly. Pricing on added options will be the cost of the option plus the labor to install.

*2nd set of Stabilizer Jacks * Air Conditioner Package * Aluminum Rims Upgrade 15" * AM/FM/CD/Aux Stereo - (standard in most models) * Awning Package * Awning, CVT 55" (for teardrop) * Axle Upgrade to 7,000# (need different tires) * Batteries 2 - 6 volt (Replace 1-12 volt) * Batteries 2 extra 6 volt (giving you a total of 4 - 6 volt batteries) * Lithium Batteries - Expion360 * You can suggest a battery you want to use * Bench Cushions - (standard in most models) * Bike Rack * Bulldog Hitch * Camp Chef Package * Camp Power Inverter (700 watt) * Catalytic Heater, Wave 3 * Catalytic Heater, Wave 6 * Catalytic Heater, Wave 8 * Change out Oven Range with 3 Burner Cook Top * Commissary 3' Deck Option * Composting Toilet * Customize Floor Plan or Changes - (can be a slight charge if there is a lot of design time for changes) * Diamond Plate Sides * Discount Electrical package - (most camps come with DC and AC) * Equalizer, Weight Distribution Hitch - recommended * Extra Foot to Camp - (if the standard sizes do not meet your needs, we can add or subtract feet to get you what you need) * Fantastic Fan * Fantastic Fan w/ Cover * Flip Up Counter Top - (now standard on all camps that this works with) * Full Mattress in Trundle Bed with no Cubbies * Heater, Grey Water Tank (1) * Heater, Water Tanks (2) * Inverter * Kayak Rack * Laminate Wood Floor * Longer Shell, 1 ft increments * Toy Hauler Luggage Rack * Metal Insulated Box around Waste Tanks * Microwave * Motor Cycle Rack * No Brakes of Wiring on Frame (AG Models ONLY) * Pex Insulation * Porta Potti * Power Tongue Jack #5,000 lb 18" travel w/5" drop down * Power-Pak Add-on Motor Kit for back stabilizer jacks * Power-Pak Add-on Motor Kit w/Stabilizer Jacks * Radio / Speakers - (standard on most camps) * Replace 3 Burner with Combo - (in smaller camps) * Replace Small with Large Refrigerator * Replace Small Wood Stove w/ Large Wood Stove * Screen Door * Flexible Solar Panel (glued to roof) * Solar Panel (add 2nd) * SunStalker w/100 Watt Panel * Tire Upgrade for 7,000# Axle Tires, 16" Upgrade, Fix Wheel Wells to Accommodate * Toy Hauler Option 5' * Treated Ply Floor * Treated Ply Floor and Walls * TV / DVD Player - (standard in most camps) * TV/DVD Combo (drop down) * Urethane Insulation, Floor and Ceiling *

4Changes to floor plans

We can talk to you about changing the floor plan to help fit your specific needs. Talk to us about how you plan to use the camp or if there are spaces you need designed for special circumstances and we will do our best to accommodate your request. It is good to remember that changing a camp in one area can mean that another area needs to be adjusted. We will do our best to make you aware of those changes before we start construction but there can be times that we cannot fully see how one change can affect the camp and may have to contact you during the build to see how to handle that or make a judgement call on how to incorporate the change.

5WRC provides your quote

If you are using Bank financing, we will not require the half down but will need a letter from your bank stating that the loan is approved. We can adjust the quote as needed until you are satisfied with the camp you are ordering. Once you are satisfied, fill out the agreement completely and get it back to Western.

6Sign Agreement and Down Payment

We do not offer "In-House" financing. Zions Bank or Mountain America Credit Union are great to work with or your local bank or credit union should be able to provide an RV Loan to you. They will need to contact us for MSRP because we are not listed on the NADA booking sites.

The purchase agreement will ask you how you want the MSO filled out. Please fill the bottom portion out completely and list any lien holder information.

7Estimated Construction Time

Your purchase agreement will have an estimated start and completion date on it.

This is an ESTIMATE only. We will do everything we can to meet this time frame. It will depend on how quickly we get half down and the agreement back from you. It will also depend on availability of materials and special order items that might take longer to bring in and install.

8Change Orders

Once your camp has been started it may be difficult to make any changes to it.

If we can accommodate the changes you request, we will. You will be responsible to pay time and materials to make the change plus a $250 change order fee.

9Hand Crafted

Every Western Range Camp is hand-crafted.

Because the camps are hand-crafted you might find slight imperfections in the materials and/or workmanship. Western will do everything possible to keep these to a bare minimum.


You, as the owner of the Camp, are responsible to register the appliances in your name.

Each appliance should have its own manufacturer's warranty. You need the appliance registered in your name to make that warranty effective.

11Special Order Items

These are items you want in your camp that we are not familiar with, have not been used before or have limited reports on how the items function in our camps.

Western cannot guarantee how special order items will work in your camp. We will do all due diligence with installation but cannot guarantee it will perform the way the manufacturer represents.

12Camp Warranty

2 years structural warranty on the Camp.

Appliances and components will have their own manufacturers' warranty and you will need to register them.

See owners manual for full details. You will need to bring your camp to us for any structural or systems warranty work that is needed. If that is not possible, you will need an authorization letter from us to have someone else do the repairs.

Appliances and components have their own warranty and can be worked on by any authorized company.

13Completion of Camp

Final payment is due before camp is picked up or delivered.

Western can deliver your Range Camp to you. You will be charge either $2.65 a loaded mile or actual delivery cost if we have it shipped to you.

Western prefers to have you pick your camp up at our facility if at all possible. We would like to spend some time with you making sure that you know how to run everything and are familiar with your camp. This is easier accomplished at our facility.

14Sales Tax & Licensing

Purchases by Utah Residents: We will collect the sales tax and licensing fee from you and license your camp. If you are tax exempt we will need proper documentation of that at the time of the sale.

Purchases by Non-Utah Residents: We will NOT collect sales tax or license your camp for you. That will be done in your home State. We will need you to sign a "Tax Exempt, Outside of Utah" form. We can provide you with a temporary permit good for 45 days once you come to pick up your camp. The fee for this is about $35.00.

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